Translation Experience in Other Sectors (Mio Voegeli)

I have extensive experience in translation across diverse sectors, including marketing and publishing. Notably, I have contributed to the translation of three published books covering topics such as fashion, physics, and education. I am capable of translating not only scientific and medical documents but also culturally nuanced materials, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness in your content.

Books I translated

1. "Physics: An Illustrated History of the Foundations of Science" by Tom Jackson (English to Japanese)

This book serves as a fundamental introduction to physics, designed for a general audience, including high school students. I have meticulously translated the content to ensure accessibility and accuracy for readers. Additionally, the translation underwent oversight by a former professor from the Physics Department of Tokyo Gakugei University, further enhancing its credibility and educational value.


2. "Girl Meets Sweets" by Sakizo (2017)

Sakizo is a popular Japanese illustrator, both in Japan and internationally. I have contributed to her work as a translator, aiming to enable fans and potential fans alike to enjoy her creations in English.

SAKIZO's 'GIrl meets Sweets'

My name is on the last page.

3. Constrauctivist Learning Design by George W. Gangnon

I translated Chapter 4 of this education-related book.

Constrauctivist Learning Design

My name is on the last page.


Game Translation

I participated in the game translation event known as LocJAM in 2024 to explore a new area of translation. My team, consisting of 6 translators, collaborated to translate the text and verify the game's appearance on the screen. Over the 2-month event period, we held 7 team meetings via Discord, discussing various issues to enhance the game, which is a classic text-based adventure game.

Mio Voegeli
I lost my life in this game over and over again!

Game name: Adventure in the Labyrinth Castle

LocJAM2024 LocJAM2024


English Consultant for Illustrator "Sakizo"

I have been a English consultant for ilustrator "Sakizo," to assure English accuracy and cultural nuanced translation for foreinen fans.

My favorate pastime

I enjoy reading the English subtitles of Japanese animations, such as 'Golden Kamuy' and 'Demon Slayer,' to appreciate the cross-cultural nuances of these great works.

Mio Voegeli
I typically work as a medical translator, but I have also engaged in a wide range of translation fields, which enhances my overall translation abilities!

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