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The summary of Translation Works During 2021-2023 ( English to Japanese, Vice Versa)

The summary of Translation Works During 2021-2023

Below are examples of my major translation works from English to Japanese during the period from 2021 to 2023.

English to Japanese Translation:

  • A 15,777-word translation of an academic paper on changes in striatal reward processing in cannabis users and other similar papers
  • A 4,582-word academic paper on chemically programmed antibody
  • A 2,914-word academic paper on reconstruction for anterior sternoclavicular joint dislocation
  • A 6,197-word clinical paper on predicting outcome of epilepsy after meningioma resection
  • A 4,796-word training material on cybersecurity training in the healthcare workforce
  • A 25,948-word book on content analysis
  • A 7,608-word manual on screen input operation for a clinical trial
  • A 2,011-word PowerPoint presentation on the results of a weekly replacement therapy in children with hemophilia B
  • A 2,993-word PowerPoint presentation on a next-generation FVIII mimetic
  • A 5,034-word translation of questionnaires on psoriatic arthritis for patients and doctors
  • A clinical trial protocol (word count unknown) : Phase 3 open-label randomized trial comparing chemotherapy with Drug Y and Drug Z and chemotherapy with Drug W in patients with locally advanced or non-metastatic small cell lung cancer
  • A 3,079-word translation of press release documents from pharmaceutical companies, focusing on drugs on inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy and generalized myasthenia gravis
  • A 5,034-word clinical trial questionnaires on psoriatic arthritis (PsA) for patients and physicians
  • A 6,118-word document on practical applications of artificial intelligence
  • A 3,155-word leagal and insurance documents related to a fatal accident
  • A 2,873-word clinical paper on 2022 ACR’s Hip and Knee Surgeons Guideline for the Perioperative Management of Antirheumatic Medication
  • A 3,255-word presentation material on vaccine protection against pneumococcal disease
  • A 7,799-word translation of three clinical papers on association of antiepileptic drugs with nontraumatic fractures
  • A 7,727-word DXA Procedure Manual


Japanese to English Translation:

  • A 4,171-character academic paper on the effects of blood purification therapy in patients with normal renal function
  • A total of 4,626-character translation of an academic paper and a magazine article on the topic of topical anesthetics.
  • A 2,009-character training material on the sales strategy of a prostate cancer drug.
  • A 3,775-character academic paper on the injection pressure reduction effect of a new contrast CT indwelling needle.
  • A 6,722-character academic paper on the availability of intradermal route for rescue dose of antiemetics
  • A 7,793-character academic paper on hereditary angioedema and the development of therapeutic drugs
  • A 4,357-character safety evaluation sheet for X Lactobacillus.
  • A 9,014-character academic paper on the comparison of retention rates and caries inhibitory effects of X filler-containing sealant and Y system sealant.
  • A 4,674-character in-house material on the sales strategy of a JAK inhibitor
  • A 1,295-character document on clinical positioning and treatment targets of drug X in vitiligo
  • A 1,716-character press release on X® Subcutaneous Injection to treat relapsed or refractory large B-cell lymphoma
  • A 6,364-word in-house document on resistance to initial treatment with X drug via EGFR signaling activation in ALK fusion gene-positive lung cancer
  • A 16,480-word presentation document on approval of coronavirus vaccine and vaccination schedule
  • A 5,050-character journal article on COVID-19 and obsessive-compulsive disorder

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